Sustainability with cardboard furniture at major London construction site

ECO360 cardboard desks have been installed by TCi furniture WORKS within the new site offices for a prestigious development in the City of London.

79 recyclable desks were provided as part of a full furniture installation, complementing traditional workstations and providing a sustainable project office solution.

Read the case study HERE

This is another example of the high-profile office facilities that have embraced sustainability with ECO360

ECO360 cardboard furniture is designed to help construction and other industries to reduce waste-to-landfill from long-term temporary office facilities by providing a totally recyclable desk solution.

The structure of the table itself is manufactured from around 68% recycled corrugated board, which is completely recyclable. The hard-wearing acrylic desktop and cable part are also recyclable and are easily separated from the desk structure when dismantled.

Embrace sustainability today, buy your ECO360 desk HERE

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