How much recycled cardboard is in my ECO360® sustainable cardboard desk?

ECO360® cardboard desks are not only 100% recyclable, but by their very nature are also composed of majority recycled materials.

The corrugated cardboard industry works hard to maximise the recycled content of board, and the materials used to create the impressively sturdy ECO360® workstation have been selected for their strength and environmental benefits.

Two types of corrugated board have been used in the desk manufacture. Single and double-wall, denoted by the number of flute layers (one or two).

corrugated-cardboard-composition-recycled-flute-wall-skin-desk-furniture-single corrugated-cardboard-composition-recycled-flute-wall-skin-desk-furniture-double-twin

The flute element throughout the desk is created from 100% recycled fibre, with the inner and outer walls being composed from a mixture of recycled material with some virgin fibres to maintain strength. Where double-wall cardboard is used, the inner separator is also 100% recycled.


The resulting composition of the entire desk is an average of 68% recycled cardboard material with the outer packaging achieving an average 77% recycled board. This is great news for sustainability! Whether you have a short or long-term temporary requirement for quality office facilities, you can rest assured that you’re using a majority recycled desk that can be easily recycled again.


Office furniture made from sustainable cardboard

Cutting down on waste-to-landfill.

ECO360® is ideal for all kinds of applications, such as construction site offices, temporary office expansion, pop-up faciilities, event administration, shutdowns and turnarounds, exhibitions, green work hubs and much more.

ECO360® is designed to bring you an environmentally-friendly office, without compromising the way you work.

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