ECO360® sustainable cardboard desks displayed at London art exhibition

Three fully-recyclable office desks featured in Ocular Inc at Thames-side Studios

The exhibition, curated by London-based artists Lizzy Drury and Neena Percy, “transformed the Thames-Side Studios Gallery into an anonymous workplace.

The three workstations each featured an immersive video presentation and the accompanying literature provided instruction on posture and position whilst sat within the interactive environment.

The desks themselves blended perfectly into the situation, being neutral and smart in appearance so as not to distract from the thought-provoking multimedia experience.

Care and Support, 2019, by Saudamini Kalra and Neena Percy, Image courtesy of Neena Percy and Lizzy Drury.

The exhibition goes on to introduce itself:               

“Dissecting past, current and imagined modes of labour and production, artworks direct the visitor-employee around the site. From sculpture to sound pieces, the artists’ manual or mechanical processes simulate manufacturing and working environments.”

“Installed within the grounds of a working factory in the industrial area of Woolwich, and against the backdrop of continuous Brexit uncertainty, the exhibition takes place at a poignant economic and political moment. Presenting UK and international artists, Ocular Inc examines the cycles of work, escapism and reward, whilst de-mystifying the artist’s job title.”

Ocular Inc ran from 12th-28th April 2019. You can find out more about the exhibition HERE

ECOdesk360 is a 100% sustainable workstation solution. Made from 100% recyclable cardboard and finished with a hard-wearing, recyclable acrylic top, ECO360 represents a truly sustainable solution for the workplace of the future.

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