Cardboard desk on stage at London Build 2017

If you attended London Build 2017 at Olympia this week, you probably saw an ECO360 cardboard desk or two…

Each summit stage featured either one or two smart, white cardboard tables, perfect for the speaking panel to sit at. As visitors entered the show, they were welcomed via the Bag A Builder sponsored registration area, featuring four further ECO360 desks.Cardboard-desk-london-build-2017-bag-a-builder-registration

ECO360 sustainable cardboard desk is perfect for construction site setup accommodation and has many other uses in temporary and pop-up office setups.

If you would like more information, please send us a request via the contact form or phone 0333 444 3360.

Thanks to everyone who visited the TCi furniture WORKS stand, it was delightful to meet so many people interested in our 100% sustainable, recyclable cardboard office desk!

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