About ECO360

ECOdesk360 is a 100% sustainable workstation solution.

Made from 100% recyclable cardboard and finished with a hard-wearing, recyclable acrylic top, ECO360 represents a truly sustainable solution for the workplace of the future.

ECO360 has been developed with temporary office accommodation in mind, primarily as a solution for the construction industry where traditional wooden furniture is often consigned to landfill on completion of the project. Environments that can benefit from a cardboard desk solution include:

Construction Site Offices • Event Accommodation • Exhibitions • Pop Up Facilities • Green Work Hubs • Shutdowns/Turnarounds

In addition to its material credentials, the sustainability of ECOdesk360 can be perpetuated by a carbon-offset delivery, installation and optional collection process, completing the ‘circular economy’.

Contact us today to discuss how cardboard desks could help you achieve environmental targets!

Meet environmental targets without compromising the way you work. ECOdesk360 is priced in line with contract desk units.


It’s hardwearing and looks great!



Smart, sturdy and contemporary in style, ECOdesk360 is a comfortable, high-quality workstation

Recommended service life of 2-10 years. ECOdesk360 is built to withstand the same day-to-day stress as a conventional workstation

The straight, clean lines and integrated cable management allow ECOdesk360 to be assembled in ranks or used in clusters

At home in any office situation, ECOdesk360 is a versatile and cost-effective solution

Impressive weight capacity

Premium recyclable acrylic top

Place important information in constant view

Available with bespoke livery and branding

Product downloads…

ECO360 gets loaded with a pallet of concrete blocks:

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